August 17, 2018

Summer changes our work and social routines as we navigate around children out of school and family vacations. The warm daylight evenings compete heavily against business networking events. All is not lost, however. Remember that networking happens everywhere, not just at organized events. Some of my best connections have been made by saying hello to the person sitting next to me on an airplane.

Here are some networking activity ideas for summer:

  • Invite colleagues to bring their family and join you at a free concert in the park.
  • Send an email asking how their summer is going and if they have any special vacations planned.
  • Do something fun that you can share on Facebook and comment on summer activities your network has posted (hopefully you’re connected!)
  • Do a charity walk, bike ride or even a pancake breakfast. Charity events are great places to make new connections.
  • Instead of a business lunch, take a business walk.

What is your summertime networking strategy? Please share it with us!