August 17, 2018

Michael Dulworth has a great networking book out called The Connect Effect – Building Strong Personal, Professional, and Virtual Networks. One of my favorite suggestions in Michael’s book is building a Personal Board of Directors (PBOD). According to Michael, a PBOD is similar to a corporate board of directors. It’s a diverse group of people who care about you and can provide advice and guidance throughout your life. The members of your PBOD will change over time, but some people, like a parent or sibling, may be there forever.

I really liked the idea and sat down to think about who I considered to be on my PBOD. Michael suggests keeping it to 6-10 people who are a mix of business and family. When I made my list, it included people who I go to for financial advise, like my friend who is a CPA and does my taxes. I have two or three people who I go to for business advise and finally two close friends who counsel me and listen about personal or spiritual matters.

Once I had my list, I contacted each person and acknowledged that I held them and their counsel as part of my PBOD. In a way it honored them, but even more importantly, it let them know that their opinions and help matter to my success.

Michael has lots of great networking suggestions in his book. Grab a copy and let me know what you think.