August 17, 2018

Press Release March 27, 2012.

Mira Wooten Releases First Book, Welcome to Love.

You may know her as the VP of Business Development for Content Rules, a consulting company that specializes in content development. But Mira Wooten has taken on a new role: the fiction writer has released her first book, Welcome to Love on March 27th.

The book depicts a wonderful romance mystery as Caroline Bradford, a well-known photographer, moves to Austin and finds herself caught up in an unexpected romance with Luke Brady. As if settling into a new town, a new career, and a new relationship isn’t enough, Caroline becomes a witness to a political murder that sets her up to be the next victim.

This story literally wrote itself, Wooten says, in less than six weeks. As a long-time reader of romance mysteries, she fell in love with the characters as they came to life in this story. “Sometimes I felt like an outsider even as I was writing the dialog between these two characters in the story.”

Written in 1992, the book has finally been dusted off, polished up, and self-published on