August 17, 2018

Welcome To Love

Welcome to Love, is now available  in paperback and as a Kindle eBook.

This debut fiction romance novel weaves a wholesome love-at-first-sight romance about a hunky cowboy-lawyer, a rootless photographer and a political murder.

The author captures the reader’s attention from the start with endearing lead characters replete with good intentions, plucky attitudes and a loyal devotion to those they care about. World-renowned photographer Carolyn Bradford arrives in Austin, Texas, determined to put down roots for the first time in her life. She’s not looking for love, but she stumbles across it when she meets Luke Brady, the best friend of her dear friend’s husband. Luke, a lawyer-turned-rancher who spends his time trading contracts for homemade pies, struggles to find his place after inheriting the ranch from his deceased grandparents. He yearns for connection, and the moment he meets Carolyn, he knows that he’s found it.

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360 Bridge at Dawn Photograph

Vince Adamo PhotographyThe photo on the home page and the cover of Mira’s book, Welcome to Love, was taken by Vince Adamo.  The Pennybacker Bridge, also known as the “360 Bridge”, in Austin, Texas, is located on Loop 360 where it crosses over the Colorado river.  Vince took this particular photo of the bridge at dawn, the morning of December 31, 2006.  This picture is one of several taken at the bridge that morning. You can see the rest of Vince’s photos on his web site: