August 17, 2018

resolutionsJanuary is the month of new beginnings. Whether we’ve made New Years Resolutions or just entered the year with great intentions, we feel a sense of hopefulness that comes with a fresh start. Doesn’t it feel like the first day of school or the first day of baseball season? We start the year undefeated.

So how do we maintain our optimism and eagerness about our goals throughout the year? Here’s my strategy:

  • Break my larger goals (like completing my coaching certification) into smaller milestones that I can celebrate along the way.
  • Hang out with people who have similar goals.
  • Celebrate where I am each day. I don’t have to wait to achieve my goal to celebrate the progress I made today.
  • Be happy in the moment along the journey.
  • Get a coach to support me and help hold me accountable. (Yes, even coaches have coaches.)

So what’s your strategy for celebrating your goals on December 31st ?

Capitola Beach

Capitola Beach

What is greater than sharing a day with a close friend? Someone you’ve known through many seasons, both high and low. There is a peaceful knowing that comes from just spending time with them.

What is greater than spontaneously becoming part of a group of strangers who are hugging each other and laughing as more strangers want join the group to be hugged?

What is greater than a beautiful, sunny day by the ocean and being filled with the peaceful, healing power that it brings with each wave?

What is greater than this life?