August 17, 2018

Professional Life Coach

Co-Active Coaching is a powerful coaching methodology that holds the premise that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. The answers, solutions, and actions are all inside of you. The coaches roleĀ is to:

  • Be curious and ask thoughtful questions
  • Offer tools for action and learning to implement change
  • Give feedback, insight and guidance from an outside vantage point
  • Focus on your whole person-mind, body, soul, heart, spirit-rather than simply focusing on the problem
  • Give permission for you to be your true authentic self
  • Create a space to safely explore, discover, celebrate
  • Hold you accountable and keeps you moving forward toward your dreams/goals

Clarity Coaching Works

Clarity Coaching Works was founded by Mira and specializes in facilitating goals within individuals through coaching and consulting. To learn more about coaching or schedule a complimentary introductory session, visit