August 17, 2018

Try a new approach to recruitingAs a recruiter and business coach, I frequently talk to candidates who want to take a new direction with their career. They’ve mastered their current focus and want to expand in another direction. Whether it’s just moving into a different vertical market or into a different role altogether, they find it difficult to be considered for the jobs that they haven’t already done.

In all my years of helping companies recruit talent, I can’t think of one occasion where a manager has said to me, “I don’t really care what they know, I just want them to be the perfect candidate for this job.” Boy, wouldn’t that be a fun job search?

What if instead of sending a resume, candidates wrote an essay about why they really wanted the job? We have all had that experience where we read a job description and thought, “Man, that’s the perfect job for me. I would rock at that job.” Wasn’t that the original intention of the cover letter? In today’s employment practice of job boards and searching for key words and metadata, the cover letter is lost.

Recruiters are tasks with finding candidates who are the best match for the job description handed to them. Staffing teams are often rated and scored on how closely their submittals match the job description. Candidates get frustrated when recruiters feel like the roadblock to breaking into a new field. Don’t hate the player – hate the game.

There is a propensity to hire talent that has several years doing the same job. Where is the expansion is that? Would a company be better served hiring someone who is bringing in a different perspective to the position?

How can we do this better? I’m curious about your ideas.

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