August 17, 2018

happyHave you ever stopped and wondered why you were born?  I mean really, why are you here? Some people have a strong belief that they came with a purpose or specific goal to accomplish. Most of us are just feeling our way through it, which works great when we pay attention to our feelings. We learn from a very early age what we like and what we don’t like.

Our emotions are the variable indicators of our perception of what’s going on. As children we gravitated to games and people that we enjoyed as much as we had the control to do so. By the time we became adults, we had gathered a lot of beliefs about what we liked and didn’t liked.  Some beliefs were born from our personal experiences, but many are from society’s input.

I’ve recently challenged myself to be in a state of happiness – all the time.  Not just when I’m playing with the dog or having a glass of wine.  All the time.  Sound impossible? Maybe.  Maybe not. To me, it’s like a fitness goal. I could walk up the stairs or take the elevator. It’s a choice.  I can choose to be happy in a situation, or choose an old pattern or belief about it.  And being happy is a fitness goal for me.  Diseases are born from dis-ease in ourselves. A happy body is a resistant-free body.

I’m not suggesting that I dance around to Pharell’s “Happy” song all day long, although that’s pretty fun to do.  I just pay attention to my mood, my inner voices, my opinions as I’m talking, and my reactions to what’s happening.  All of them are indicators of where I’m at on the happy – not happy meter.  I make choices about what conversations I want to be in and what TV shows I want to watch.  Pretty hard to watch the news and be happy.

So join me on the Happiness Challenge. Make a conscious choice to be happy today.  Have fun with it.

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    Totally get it…

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