August 17, 2018
Mira Makeover

Mira Makeover

We all need a makeover every now and again. Sometimes it’s just a new haircut or different clothes, but sometimes it’s a whole life makeover. I think my last life makeover was in 2005, shortly after my son graduated from high school and I ended a 20-year marriage. I worked with personal and business coach Kathleen Ronald during that year and rediscovered one of my gifts and passions: singing. Within four months of our first meeting, I was on stage doing a two-hour show. That performance led to others, which eventually led me to Deborah Thacker and Lucy Billings in 2007 when we formed Women With Strings Attached.

Seven years later (is it the itch?) there is a new Mira Makeover happening. I can even pinpoint the day it happened. I had called Kathleen, who I rarely talk to, to tell her about a mutual friend who is battling cancer. During our catch-up call, I heard myself saying, “I’m bored with myself. I need a Mira Makeover.” Well who better to work with on that than a personal coach?

As soon as we hung up the phone, I had a burst of creative energy. We hadn’t even booked the first session, and I was thinking of things I wanted to do. As if the Angels said, “now’s a good time, she’s listening”, my sister Kay suggested that I published the romance novel I wrote 10 years ago. The book made its debut on CreateSpace two months later. When you unblock your stuck energy, watch out.

The new website refresh is part of the Mira Makeover. The goal is to honor three of my gifts that I’m so passionate about: writing, singing, and connecting people. I’ve only just started the Mira Makeover of 2012. What do you think so far?

By the way, the makeover picture is what I would look like with Angelina Jolie’s hair. Pretty funny! Try it yourself at


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